“Cape Verde is recognized as a model in Africa with regard to political rights and civil liberties, and its economic governance is considered good despite unfavorable exogenous factors and the increased volume of public debt.”
“Rationalize their natural and human resources, to increase its competitiveness, invest in a team that specializes in business promotion of the Rural World, through a vision of rurality modern rational and profitable.”
“Winresources is a company linked to innovation and sustained growth in many areas of the economy of Cape Verde.”
“The Winresources detected several business opportunities in their areas of operation in Cape Verde, and is currently a reference player in this market.”
Davide Diogo Freitas


Davide Diogo Freitas
CEO, Winresources

The Winresources is a consulting corporation specializing in the rural world, with special focus on projects of production modernization, internationalization and rural tourism. Face the new challenges of the economy, we are also committed to support young farmers to develop and make grow their business by supporting them from the installation to the entry into the cruise activity. In addition to these services, we have a highly qualified team to execute Business Plans, an essential tool for obtaining financing and leverage business and projects with financial institutions, as well as plans of farming, forest and industrial, market research and international marketing plans.

Being an internationalized company, with branches in Mozambique and Cape Verde and waiting to open our branch in Angola in 2014, we believe that the path of internationalization is difficult and requires hard work, dedication and persistence, but our experience and highly qualified human resources allow to support the companies to internationalize their business and their productions, from the stage of obtaining financing to the project implementation in the target markets, providing administrative and technical support to national companies and other countries that want to invest in the markets where we are deployed.

Being part of a holding company, the Winresources, SGPS, which holds beyond Winresources Portugal, Mozambique and Cape Verde, the Wintrading in Portugal (Distribution company of agri-food) WWS in Cape Verde (importing), USA Winresources in the United States of America (importing) and Group Seven in Mozambique (Agriculture, Aquaculture Production Factors, Agro-Industry, Distribution and Nature Tourism), we are strongly committed to a vertical mode giving our contribution to the development of the rural world, in a logic return to origins, streamlining business and introducing technology to traditional knowledge.

As always we are strongly committed to supporting our customers getting stronger, better, and developing, in an effective and pragmatic way, their business.

Count on Winresources as a partner for the development of rural areas.


The Winresources, founded in 2007, has as its mission to be a partner of reference for the promotion of business in rural areas, through the enhancement of natural and human resources existing.

This mission has been implemented through the participation and promotion of a number of projects, alone or in partnership, whose guidance are the creation and enhancement of products and services within the rural world, in a logic return to origins, combining modernity with tradition, effectiveness and rationality to the business management.

We believe more and more that the greatest opportunities of humanity is the development of resources and ancestral knowledge, not only in terms of products of certified origin, artisanal, farm, healthy and protective of the balance of the ecosystem, but also the level of services associated, whether merely landscaped, whether at the level of tourism and leisure in nature, whether in terms of conservation and preservation of nature.

We also believe that conservation is nothing without resource recovery and without a corresponding improvement in the quality of life of the rural world.

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