“Cape Verde is recognized as a model in Africa with regard to political rights and civil liberties, and its economic governance is considered good despite unfavorable exogenous factors and the increased volume of public debt.”
“Rationalize their natural and human resources, to increase its competitiveness, invest in a team that specializes in business promotion of the Rural World, through a vision of rurality modern rational and profitable.”
“Winresources is a company linked to innovation and sustained growth in many areas of the economy of Cape Verde.”
“The Winresources detected several business opportunities in their areas of operation in Cape Verde, and is currently a reference player in this market.”

Entrepreneurship in Maputo

The Winresources attended the 1st Fair of Entrepreneurship in Maputo, born of a partnership between the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Mozambique (ANJE) and the Institute for Training and Entrepreneurship Mozambique (ICEM), with the objective of promoting entrepreneurship in the country.

Empreendedorismo em MaputoEmpreendedorismo em MaputoEmpreendedorismo em MaputoEmpreendedorismo em Maputo

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