“The Winresources, founded in 2007, has as its mission to be a partner of reference for the promotion of business in rural areas, through the enhancement of natural and human resources existing.”
“Rationalize their natural and human resources, to increase its competitiveness, invest in a team that specializes in business promotion of the Rural World, through a vision of rurality modern rational and profitable.”
“We believe that conservation is nothing without resource recovery and without a corresponding improvement in the quality of life of the rural world.”
“Winresources has been positioned in terms of organization and marketing in order to become a reference entity in boosting business.”


Wintrading - Company of rural world products distribution, with special focus on wine (which owns the brand Wyou) and oil –

BlackMaria – Design Company and audiovisual content, which supports us in all activities related to the creation and brand development, product design and development services and audiovisual content –

Humberto Caldas – Web Designer / Developer - Creation and development of multimedia products –

Globalcoop – Cooperative farmers, from the Association of Young Farmers of Portugal (AJAP) and whose mission is to develop an integrated farms and products of their cooperative –

Procale – Architecture and engineering firm, working with Winresources projects in production modernization and tourism –

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