“The Winresources, founded in 2007, has as its mission to be a partner of reference for the promotion of business in rural areas, through the enhancement of natural and human resources existing.”
“Rationalize their natural and human resources, to increase its competitiveness, invest in a team that specializes in business promotion of the Rural World, through a vision of rurality modern rational and profitable.”
“We believe that conservation is nothing without resource recovery and without a corresponding improvement in the quality of life of the rural world.”
“Winresources has been positioned in terms of organization and marketing in order to become a reference entity in boosting business.”


Projects in Portugal

Elaboration of proposals for incentive programs:

Winresources QREN - The QREN Internationalization intended to support business investments that strengthen the ability of companies to ensure faster gains in terms of greater domestic product orientation to external demand.
QREN Innovation intended to support stimulate the production of new goods and services, including tourism projects
We conducted over 200 applications, with investments above 50 million.

Winresources OCM WInes – The objective of the program is to support business investment in the wine sector to enhance the ability of companies to increase the export of Portuguese wine to overseas markets.
We have made over 20 applications with investments of around 10 million euros.

Winresources PRODER –- It is an instrument of strategic and financial support for rural development in Portugal, which aims to increase the competitiveness of the agricultural and forestry sectors, promote the sustainability of rural and natural resources and revitalize economically and socially rural areas.
Completed more than three dozen applications with investments exceeding 30 million euros.

Winresources MARKETING PLANS – We developed marketing plans for clients that operate in sectors of wines, olive oils, Certification, Riding, Press, Professional Training, Cork, Forest, Livestock and Consulting.

Winresources STUDIES OF MARKET – We conducted market studies for client companies that operate in sectors of Wine, Olive Oil, Vocational Training, Audiovisual, Cork, Press, Advertising, Certification, Forestry and Riding. Within those studies, we analyzed the following markets: Germany, Angola, Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Canada, China, Denmark, Spain, United States, Finland, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Libya, Luxembourg, Macao, Morocco, Mozambique, Norway, Poland, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia and Turkey.

Winresources STUDIES ON FORREST FIRES – Study Planning System for Forest Fire Prevention in Portugal for the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre: The study aimed to identify the agents involved in fighting forest fires, what their roles and what action protocols so that they can be included in the system control means.

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